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5 Ways Good Relationships Can Lead to A Better Life

Relationship Coach can help with good relationships
Deep connections are essence of life

Years back, I watched a movie named “Cast Away”. In this movie, the protagonist gets trapped on a remote island alone. Just as much is he scrambling for life, fighting for basics, so is he succumbing to loneliness. Finally, he finds a ball and makes it his friend. Just like the protagonist of this movie, many people are stranded on an island of loneliness. Sometimes intentionally, out of fear of failure of relationships, or unintentionally because they do not know how to get out. What could be the inspiration to help them get into relationships and thrive in them? That is why, we have got you this list to understand why good relationships can be a boon for your better life.

What are good relationships?

The terms of good relationships are simple. The person you are comfortable with, irrespective of different denominators like age, sex, generation, geographical proximity, and so on, would be a good relationship. You can be friends, life partners, family members, dating counterparts, and all types of loving relationships. If you feel safe with them, share feelings comfortably, get over differences effortlessly, and most importantly, be happy together, that would define good relationships.


Why good relationships are important?

Modern relationships have become complicated because people juggle too many things at a time and fight too many distractions. Many people think good relationships have become a thing of fantasy that is good to hear but cannot be experienced. Thankfully, that is not the case, maintaining relationships does require work, but the fruits are sweet indeed. Good relationships can lead to a better life in the following ways:

1 . Less Stress: 

Think about a scenario where you come home tired and sometimes frustrated. You do not have anyone to talk to or share your feelings. The TV or the internet, and a device would be there, but will they listen to you? You will try to immerse yourself in the entertainment for hours and repeat the cycle daily. But, in the end, loneliness becomes a key factor in increasing stress. 

Overall, this means everyone wants to reduce the stress to have a better life. If the stress is too much to handle, go for a Relationship Coach online.

2. Better Health: 

Various studies have shown that better relationships lead to better health. The reason is simple, people pay more attention to themselves when they feel loved. Also, if someone takes care of you, that feeling elates you daily, promoting better health. People in love develop better eating habits and exercise regularly. One of the reasons is that people want to be in better health for their loved ones, and loved ones want people to take care of their fitness. Both things work well towards better health.

3. More Motivation: 

When you are living for yourself, you will work to fulfill your needs. When you have a loving relationship, you will work for the dreams you and your loved ones have seen together. You will plan a lot as a family, a simple vacation, buying a new car, or a bigger dream to prosper. Money then becomes a medium, while the family members become a motivation. The motivation is not just limited to making more money or getting promotions, loving relationships will motivate you to be a better person. In short, relationships help you in becoming the best version of yourself.

4. Emotional Balance: 

Emotional balance is one of the most vital parts of our lives. Humans are driven by emotions, and that is why marketing always tries to touch our emotional chords through ads. Being emotionally balanced gives an inner strength to enjoy good times and to tread difficult times. When you have close relationships, it is easier to become emotionally balanced as a loving relationship helps you express emotions. Your emotions do not get stuck, which gives you a sense of freedom from the inside.

5. Sense of Belonging: 

The street where you spent your childhood still has a special place in your heart. Why? Because it reminds you of the fun times you had as a kid. Even after years, the memory is strong, and so is the sense of belongingness. If you revisit the place, you will want to meet the old residents and would be delighted if they remember you. You had family, friends, and neighbors there, which gave you a sense of belonging. People want to recreate blissful memories, and so they try and build deep connections. If you could develop good relationships in your adult life also, it would make a better life for you.


Good relationships are an essential part of our lives. Finding and nurturing deep connections requires time, patience, and effort in the correct direction. If you or your loved ones need guidance to navigate the balance of relationships, talk to the experts at The Love Manual for Relationship Coach online. Everyone deserves a chance at this happiness, grab yours by giving an honest chance to build a fruitful relationship.

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