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Office Romance: The Open Secret Of Your Work Relationships

Explore the captivating dynamics of office romance - from the thrill of secret glances to the complexities of workplace relationships.

Office Romance: The Open Secret Of Your Work Relationships
Captivating complexities of workplace relationships


Office romance is a great gossip unless you are at the center of it. If you are the one involved, your point of view is certainly different. Let’s say you join a new company with mandatory work from the office (I know it's a sore spot for some), but you find the company has a good work culture. You are happy that your decision to join this company was good. You are already getting along with the team, and you meet someone interesting after a few days. This one person has gone beyond the acquaintance level and does not fall into the friend category. Yes, I am talking about dating a coworker. 

It starts with the secret glances, eventually mutual smiles and one of you ends up asking out for a coffee. If you have common friends, this will not remain a secret for long, and things will be out in the open soon enough.

Policies regarding dating a coworker

Make sure about the company policy regarding dating a coworker. Some companies have strict policies and may not be encouraging about office romance. Some companies straight away do not allow coworkers to get romantically involved. Suppose your employer is the third type, which does not have any problem with the romance blossoming on their premises, well and good. For the first two types, refraining from getting into romantic work relationships will be better for your career and personal life.

For the third type of employer, you will need to understand if there are any policies regarding hierarchy levels. For example - A romantic work relationship with a direct supervisor or a subordinate may be prohibited.

I know, it seems really boring as we cannot control who we like, but being pragmatic is essential to sustain your hard-earned job. Knowing about company policy will save you lots of potential problems.

Telling the employer about dating a coworker

Now that your romantic life has become happening and you and your coworker are dating officially, it is time to tell your employer. Approach them with full confidence and talk to your HR or direct supervisor. Some companies have policies regarding whom to inform about dating a coworker.

If you or your partner are in doubt about the future of this relationship, do not approach HR or your supervisor. It will just be like involving your employer in your personal life for no reason. Be sure before informing your employer as there will be further questions regarding the future of the relationship.

Also, if you are recently out of a bad phase in your personal or professional life, give yourself time to heal. You can talk to a counselor if you need help to overcome the vulnerable state of emotions.

Handling dating a coworker

Dating a coworker would need some forethought to make this relationship successful.

No office discussions during the date

As both of you already work together, there would be many things you know about each other. Avoid talking about the office, whether you are working on the same team or different teams. If office couples extend the discussion started in their office to their dates as well, it will give rise to negative commotion. Sense of competition, FOMO(Fear of missing out) can replace romantic talks if business talks are included in your personal time together.

Cutting out the gossip

While it is all good that you are dating a coworker, do not overshare with your colleagues. Your colleagues would want to know more, and their curiosity is justified. Keep plans between you and your partner to get privacy for your personal moments. This will also help contain gossip about your romance. 

Being professional during office time

Whether or not your dating coworker is on the same team, you must act professionally on office premises. Too much PDA will attract unwanted attention to your relationship rather than your working efficiency.


Dating a coworker, or office romance is good if you can handle it well. Do enjoy the phases as in any other dating scenario. You just have to keep your emotions in check during office hours and keep the office out of mind during dating hours. Go for it, if the company policy allows it, and who knows, you may find the love of your life. If you had a previous bad experience creating doubts for you, counseling would be a good option.

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