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5 Simple Techniques to Manage Stress in Everyday Life

Updated: Apr 4

The Love Manual on stress

Stress has become a common factor in our lives to the extent that it also impacts interpersonal relationships. If you can manage stress, you will be better at relationships. For instance, you come tired from the office, and a deadline for a project is looming. You are deeply engrossed in navigating the workload without overtime and compromising quality. Suddenly, your toddler comes and starts demanding something. You are baffled because you were tense about work. At that instance, you would leave the room without listening to your kid, which may irritate the toddler. All this did not cause any positive effects, and your household peace could be at stake with repeated episodes like this.

Symptoms of stress

Physical stress symptoms

Pain in the shoulders, neck, back, and sometimes knees are physical stress symptoms. Many people exhibit these physical symptoms, although there is nothing wrong physically. Shoulders, neck, etc are considered bearers of responsibilities, both figuratively and literally. Other symptoms are headache and acidity that may crop up due to tension.

Mental Stress Symptoms

Nervous tension symptoms are fogging and memory-related problems. This can seen in students who are nervous during exams. You know but are not able to recall it. Insomnia and mental fatigue are also common. If it sounds familiar, get the required help to mitigate the problem.

Emotional Stress Symptoms

Emotional strain symptoms are related to emotional outbursts in the form of anger or crying spells. You find yourself getting irritated on little things, and the situation quickly escalates out of hand. You may feel overwhelmed, anxious, panicked, or cannot become your happy self.

Ways to manage stress and tension relief

Imagine you get up and feel light and breezy in your mind, body, and soul. That is how strain-free and tension-relieving feels. You will find many of your problems disappeared because they were just tasks to complete but felt like a burden. For many of the issues that seemed insolvable, you found solutions. Want to feel this way? Manage pressure with these simple techniques that can easily become part of your everyday routine. Use all or use some, and you will feel better. If you still have some issues with stress relief, talk to the experts at the Love Manual for Online Personal Development Counseling.

Sound meditation

It is a simple two-minute exercise that does wonders for your focus and relieves tension. Sit in a relaxed position with your spine straight and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around you, like the chirping of birds, the whirring of fans, blaring horns, the laughter of kids, etc. Focus on the sound that is lowest in volume for some time. Gradually, come back to listen to all other sounds and slowly open your eyes. It trains the mind to focus on minute things and helps with the consequences of stress.

Deep Breathing

Breathing exercises for stress are a good way to handle it. They also help with anxiety and depression. We do not realize that we do not breathe at our full capacity most time. This way, we deprive our body of the most crucial element of life - air. It is easy to do this method, and you can do it more than once a day. Sit down with shoulders relaxed and spine straight, and take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. Do five counts only if you are on a time crunch.

Deep breathing enables the body to take in fresh air. It has many variants. If you are considering doing a long breathing exercise session, do it on an empty stomach or a few hours after a meal, after consulting your doctor.

Touch the toy

It is a fun and game technique and can be used as a family bonding time. Gather some toys in a tub or a large tray. Pick toys of different shapes sizes, and textures. Close your eyes, or use a blindfold and pick up a toy. Try to recognize the toy, and feel its texture and shape with your hands. Keep it aside. Repeat it with other toys, one at a time. When all toys are done open your eyes. This technique enhances your sense of touch. We see and watch so many things, especially in this digital age that our other senses usually go on autopilot. This simple method deals with the causes of tension.

Imagine the color

This is a simple approach that uses your imagination. You can do it anywhere within minutes, as not much is required. Let us say, you are at home, and there is a wall in front of you. The wall is white. Now imagine the wall in a different color, if you want to go one step ahead, imagine a painting over it. Go into the detail of colors and strokes of the painting, and how it would look on the wall. There is a scope for adding as many details as you want per your time and imagination.

So much content is available today that you do not need to imagine much. This way, you will boost your imagination without using any device. It will stimulate your artistic side and lower your strain level.

Write down your thoughts

Capture your thoughts in writing to free them from burden, and that is why journaling is becoming increasingly popular. Start writing and pour your emotions into it. Once you finish writing, read it, and you will be much calmer. Writing clears your head of an overload of thoughts. It will significantly improve your stress management.

End Note

Stress is real, but it is also manageable with various techniques. There would be times when you are overwhelmed by mental pressure and do not find any way out. That would be the time to contact a counselor offering the right advice. If you feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or depression, get in touch with the experts at the Love Manual for Online Personal Development Counseling.

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