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The Power of Human Emotions

Man comforting upset woman

As humans, we are built to feel a steady and consistent stream of emotion. From happiness and love to anger and sadness and everything in between. These emotions are what often empower our thoughts, what drive our decisions, and what impact our moods. No matter what emotion you may be feeling at any given time, though, it's important to remember that all feelings are valid.

Here, we're going to explore human emotions and the power behind them.

Human Emotions

Positive Emotions. These are the emotions that promote positivity and optimism in our lives. Examples include:

  • Happiness/Joy

  • Love

  • Pride

  • Excitement

  • Hope

...and so many more. These emotions, and the long list of others, can put us in good moods, make us smile and laugh, as well as impact our overall well-being.

Negative Emotions. These are those emotions that negatively impact us. The ones that change our outlook in an unfavorable way. Some examples include:

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Jealousy

  • Hatred

...and more. These, as well as others, can also influence our well-being. It's important to try to learn how to cope with and manage our negative emotions.

The Power of Human Emotion

All emotions have power. They have the power to make us laugh or cry or lash out. Emotions are what lead us to make decisions. They steer us toward being able to trust and build relationships with other people. They help us determine and express who we are. They are the driving force of what makes us... us.

Exploring Vulnerability

Many people don't like the idea of coming off as vulnerable. They don't like to "wear their heart on their sleeve." In my opinion, being vulnerable, especially when it comes to your emotions, is a wonderful and beautiful thing, We are meant to feel things. We're meant to have emotions, and it's okay to express those. It's okay to share the way you're feeling- it's okay to communicate openly and freely what you feel to someone. There is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about when it comes to human emotions. Again: all feelings are valid. Talk to your partner, a friend, a parent or sibling- anyone you're close with. Talk to your therapist if that's who you're more comfortable with. Be vulnerable. Whether you're feeling negative or positive emotions, express them. It's okay to show the emotional side of yourself.

We're human. And part of being human is being equipped with an array of emotions. Some positive, some negative, all equally valid.

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